Crazy Racers 3D

Ordinary pets are transformed when they become participants in crazy races! In these races there are no rules, except one - to reach the finish line! You can block the road to your rivals, you can push them and even push them into the water or into the abyss to achieve the main goal. A good sheep, a smart pig, a good-natured cow, an industrious horse and even a handsome bull - any of them can be your rival in races, and any of them you can manage. But they do not run lightly, but are harnessed to one of the four possible carts that impede the movement. The competitions themselves can take place either among the pyramids of Ancient Egypt or Maya, or among the beautiful statues and species of the Parthenon in Ancient Greece, or among the endless prairies of the Wild West! Win races, save results in the cloud storage, get to the highscore table!





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