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Localize Asset (LA) - placed in Unity Assets Store

LA is used to localize some resources (UI, GO) for a Unity 5.0 gaming applications

LA localizes:

  • text (Labels etc)
  • fonts
  • sprites
  • audioclips

When you localize the text in the edit mode, you can automatically translate it using Google Translator

Preparing for the localization

1. Create localized resources (fonts, sprites, audio files)

2. Open Asset/Localize in Editor window and create a new database (or use existing)

3. Select default language

4. Add the languages that you plan to use for localization

5. Create the required number of keys with the type of localized resource

6. Assign resources prepared for each key and the language (for the "Text" key, you can use the automatic translator) and save the data

Attention! Assigned resources will be transferred in the Resources folder!

Using LA (Inspector window)

1. For each localized element (UI or GameObject) assign the appropriate script (Localize/Scripts /LocalizedAudioClip, LocalizedFont etc.)

2. Select the desired key


The results: