Unity3D is a tool for the development of 2D and 3D applications and games that works with most operating systems and game consoles.

Unity3D allows to place in Unity Asset Store extension (assets), which add and expand power of Unity3D projects.

Currently our team prepared and placed in Unity Asset Store the following extensions (assets):

Localize Asset (LA) - placed in Unity Assets Store

Localize Asset

LA is used to localize some resources (UI, GO) for a Unity 5.0 gaming applications

LA localizes:

  • text (Labels etc)
  • fonts
  • sprites
  • audioclips

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iOS Text To Speech (iOSTTS) - placed in Unity Assets Store

iOSTTS Asset

iOSTTS is a plugin for Unity, which allows you to synthesize speech from a given text and listen to it on your iOS device (iPhone, iPad). This can be useful when creating monologues of characters, descriptions, instructions, actions, etc. in Unity-based games and applications.

iOSTTS allows:

  • - to manage speech process (start, stop, pause, continue);
  • - to change speech language;
  • - to change speech parameters (speech rate, pitch, volume);
  • - to use and change Unity callback (callback object, callback function name and callback key words). It is useful if you want to highlight spoken word, to determine the end of phrases, etc.

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